3. Transport Infrastructure

Support of environmentally friendly transport modes can be observed in financial resources for investments and maintenance. Taking into consideration network length and share of transport performance, railway transport is given a priority.

In the field of railway infrastructure the majority of investments are directed to the construction of transit Corridors I and II. Four constructions were finished on Corridor I last year: the railway station Vranovice and Kolín – Záboří n/L, Pardubice – Uhersko and Ústí n/L jih – Lovosice sections of total length of 40.2 km. Modernization of Moravský Písek - Huštěnovice section of length of 18.5 km and Huštěnovice – Otrokovice section of length of 11.9 km were finished on the route of Corridor II

The electrification of the track between Horní Dvořiště and České Budějovice which is a part of Corridor IV was completed. At the end of the year the electrification of remaining section from Horní Dvořiště to Austria border railway station Summerau was also completed with total expenditures over CZK 3 billion.

In the road infrastructure the major attention was paid to step-by-step construction and maintenance of the motorway network. The section of the D8 motorway from Nová Ves to Doksany with total length of 16.3 km was finished so continual length of the D8 motorway from Prague thus has reached 48.3 km. It is still necessary to complete sections from Lovosice to Řehlovice of length of 16.4 km and from Trmice to state border CR/ Germany (23.3 km). After having completed the above mentioned section the total length of motorway network in the CR reached 517 kilometres, while final planned target is 1001 km.

The works on a part of bypass of Plzeň on the D5 motorway and the construction on D1 motorway in the section Kroměříž – Mořice were also launched. Besides works on D3 motorway (Praha-České Budějovice), D47 motorway (Lipník-Ostrava- border crossing with Poland), and the continuation of D11 motorway (Prague-Hradec Králové) were under way.

In 2001 the 5.5 km of R6 expressway on the route between Velká Dobrá and Pavlov in the Central Bohemia were completed. Further works on the R35 expressway between Turnov and Liberec and south bypass of Olomouc are in progress. Construction of the R7 expressway (bypass of Louny), R48 and the R 55 expressways are also in progress.

In 2001 the 2.5 kilometres long section between Řepy and Ruzyně for almost CZK 1.4 billion in the framework of road ring around Prague was opened.

In the year 2001, the completed bypass in Mosty u Jablunkova of length of 8 km was the most significant investment (CZK 1.5 billion ) in the road infrastructure improvement in the Moravian - Silesian region for last ten years.

Among other completed bypasses let us mention a first part of the Rakovník bypass, third stage of bypass of Vlašim and completion of connection of bypass between Rumburk and Neugersdorf. A continuation of this construction is a construction of a new road border crossing. In this connection construction of the new road border crossing Cínovec should be remembered.

In the waterway transport the works on parameters improvement of the Labe (Elbe)-Vltava waterway were continued (EIA process) and the reconstruction of lock chambers on channelled part of low Labe (between Mělník and Lovosice) for the purpose to upgrade them to higher parameters took place.

In the field of air transport infrastructure development the works were concentrated on the reconstruction and modernization of check-in facilities at the Prague Ruzyně International Airport. The main objective was to increase the dispatch capacity of North Terminal I.

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